Where can I get a Root Canal in Pitman?

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When teeth are in distress, your Pitman root canal specialist is trained to come to their rescue! At Dental Arts Group, their experts are dedicated when it comes to saving your teeth, from treatment to repair. Whether you’re suffering from deep decay, faulty crowns, or recent injury or trauma to the tooth resulting in a chip, fracture, or any impact, your skilled Pitman dentist is at the ready. Equipped with some of the most advanced technology in the field, as well as expert knowledge of the latest techniques, your dentist provides the comprehensive range of services you deserve and require, from family, general, and emergency dentistry to cosmetic options for your smile.

Pitman Root Canal

Understanding the need for a root canal is easier with a brief sketch of the tooth’s anatomy. Deep inside that hard outer layer of white enamel, and the yellowish sublayer of dentin, there’s a central chamber, housing the connective tissue, nerve and blood supply for your tooth. Traveling all the way down one or several canals of your tooth, to the bottom root of the tooth, the inside tissue, known as the pulp, meets with the gums and surrounding bone tissue. When injury or deep decay occur, this inner nerve can often become irreversibly damaged or infected as a result. When infection reaches the inside of the tooth, it becomes critical that a root canal is performed in order to save the tooth from being lost. Your Pitman root canal specialist will carefully clear away any infection and damaged tissue, disinfecting the area and sealing it afterwards to prevent further infection. Capping the treatment off with a restoration, typically either a direct filling or crown, depending on the severity of the damage, the structural integrity of the tooth can be repaired.

For injuries, infection, or deep decay sustained by your teeth, visiting your Pitman root canal specialist at Dental Arts Group is one of the best things you can do to help save them. To make your next appointment with one of their experienced practitioners, contact their office today.

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