Where can I find a Pitman dental office?

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Determining the best solution for replacing missing teeth is a process that requires the diagnostic and treatment planning skills of an experienced dentist. At Dental Arts Group, our 08071 dental office offers the most advanced solutions to help patients reestablish complete smiles, taking the time to listen to your concerns, and helping you make the most well-informed decisions about your best options in care. Our multi-specialty team develops personalized treatment plans, suited to the specific needs, budget and overall goals of each patient. At your consultation visit, we can answer all your questions about rebuilding the look and function of your smile.

In an age of evolving dental technology, we now offer replacements for missing teeth that come closer than ever before in replicating the look, form and feel of your natural teeth. Dental implants are distinguished by their unique design both above the gumline and below. By inserting directly into the jaw and extending upward to just above the gums, they integrate directly with the underlying bone, just like the roots of your natural teeth. With their ingenious design, dental implants confer unrivaled support for a custom crown or prosthesis above without relying on having to place any crowns on adjacent teeth or messy denture adhesives. And, by behaving in much the same way as the root of an actual tooth, a dental implant also stimulates surrounding bone tissue to preserve bone mass. Dental implants can be used to replace single tooth and restored with a crown, or be strategically placed along the dental arch to support a permanent fixed bridge or overdenture. Here at our 08071 dental office, you can depend on us to develop the unique solution that best suits your treatment goals.

At Dental Arts Group, it’s our goal to have you feel proud to share your smile with the world. We offer the highest quality prosthodontic services ranging from the customized provision of dental bridgework, dentures, dental implants, and implant-retained prosthetics. To open the dialogue about reestablishing your smile, contact our 08071 dental office today!

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