Teeth Whitening in Pitman

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Here at Dental Arts Group, we excel in making our patients smile! Whether you’re in need of routine checkups and preventive care, or the highest quality restorative, implant or cosmetic treatments for your smile, you can look to us as a top resource for state-of-the-art care in the area. If you’ve considering the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, you’re going to want to discuss your treatment options with one of our talented dentists. From professional teeth whitening in Pitman, to complete smile makeovers with porcelain dental veneers and custom crowns, we employ the latest advances in modern dentistry to bring out the absolute best in your smile.

When you come to us to discuss your cosmetic goals, we work closely with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your expectations of care, comfort level, and budget. One of the most popular cosmetic treatments we offer is our professional teeth whitening services. Despite the growing number of over-the-counter strips, gels, and rinses, many of the products sold online and at the store contain abrasive ingredients that can cause harm to the tissues of the mouth. When you come to us for teeth whitening in Pitman, you can rest assured that your safety is of paramount concern. Beginning with a careful oral exam, we’ll take special care to pinpoint any sensitive regions of your mouth so that they can be carefully isolated, or in certain circumstances, treated prior to whitening. Our in-office treatment produces positively radiant results, capable of lightening your smile up to 8 shades by the end of a single visit! Alternatively, our take-home kit provides aesthetically pleasing, radiant results and can be administered over a schedule that can accommodate even the busiest lifestyle.

If you’ve ever thought about the possibilities for improving your appearance with teeth whitening in Pitman, give a call to our friendly staff to learn more today!

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