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Dental Office in Pitman

When it comes to managing our oral health, we could all stand to benefit from the oversight of an expert. At Dental Arts Group, your Pitman dental office provides a breadth of preventive, restorative, emergency, and cosmetic dental treatment options. With a staff of highly skilled and experienced dentists dedicated to staying current with the latest developments in the field, they bring you and your family the state-of-the-art care that you each deserve and require. Providing highly individualized treatment, your dentist in Pitman is more than happy to address any of your dental questions or concerns, making it a priority to help keep your smile as attractive as it is healthy.

Pitman Dental Office

Dental decay and gum disease—the two most prevalent dental conditions—are also the two most preventable, according to a recent publication released by the American Dental Association. The dental plaque that accumulates in your mouth contains colonies of harmful bacteria, that if not removed, can do some real damage. Coating your teeth and releasing acids which can erode the enamel, the bacteria in plaque are responsible for the formation of cavities and deep decay. The bacteria in plaque also likes to burrow down into the pockets of the gums, hardening into tartar and causing swelling, even bleeding in the gums. As the early onset of gum disease, the condition is easily reversed if treated early on. But if left to progress to its more advanced stages, gum disease can result in the significant loss of bone tissue, maintaining its standing as the prime cause of tooth loss in US adults. The experts at your Pitman dental office would like to help you avoid these conditions from affecting your oral health.

By scheduling regular cleanings, and checkups at your Pitman dental office, your dentist can complement your at-home oral care regimen. Spotting and treating dental conditions early on is the name of the game when it comes to preventive oral care. To get on the fast track to establishing and maintaining excellent oral health, call Dental Arts Group today!


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