Flossing and Why It’s Truly Necessary

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You know the scenario–You’re getting your routine cleaning and check-up and the dental hygienist asks you how often you floss. Some dental patients feel guilty for not flossing as often as they should. Putting guilt aside, the American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day and brushing twice a day to remove plaque in between the teeth. Unfortunately, brushing alone does not remove plaque in those hard to reach places. And, if plaque is not removed, it can harden and turn into calculus or tartar (“Mouth Healthy”).

The true purpose of flossing is to prevent the onset of gum disease as well as deter cavities from forming! Fortunately, there are several products to assist you with this healthy and daily habit. Some of these products include:

Water Flosser: The product featured to the right helps individuals who have braces, bridges, or general difficulty with flossing manually.
Like the name sounds, the Water Flosser squirts out water in spurts to help remove plaque in between and around teeth (“Mouth Healthy”).

Wooden Plaque Remover: It’s most commonly referred to by its brand name ‘STIM-U-DENT’.  The product is similar to a toothpick, except instead of having two narrow ends, it only has one. It’s available in two flavors: mint flavor or unflavored. Just like the name sounds, it should be gently inserted in between teeth to manually remove plaque (“Mouth Healthy”).

Orthodontic Flossers: 
These flossers make flossing only a one-handed job and you can floss wherever you are! This product is ideal for individuals who have braces or anyone who is constantly on the go.

The products mentioned above should make the habit of flossing easier–Your teeth will appreciate you for it!


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