Emergency Dentist in Pitman

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Where can I find an emergency dentist in Pitman?

Every now and then a dental issue can arise which can’t be avoided. At Dental Arts Group, your premier resource for an emergency dentist in Pitman, their professional team is equipped to address just about any manner of oral pain or discomfort. From treatments for toothaches, jaw pain, and dental injuries, to the replacement and repair of teeth, crowns, fillings, and dentures, you’ll be in excellent hands. Committed to providing compassionate, and gentle oral care with a human touch, their practice offers same day emergency treatment, so that you can get relief from your oral pain as promptly as possible.

Emergency Dentist in Pitman

Although the advent of new restorative materials has made them much more durable these days, fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures can chip, crack, break, or loosen as the result of an accident or years of excessive wear and tear. With damaged or dislodged fillings or crowns, it’s important that you contact your emergency dentist in Pitman as soon as possible. Apart from the fact that loosened or cracked restorations can create a sharp edge that can cut the tongue and cheek, they may expose sensitive tooth structure and provide an entry point for bacteria to creep into the innermost recesses of the tooth. When bacteria reaches vital tissue of a tooth, more extensive therapy is generally required to preserve the tooth and to protect it from further harm. Sometimes, when a damaged restoration is left untreated, the tooth may become so compromised that it can’t be saved, or an infection can spread to the surrounding tissues with consequences to your overall health and well being.

Your emergency dentist in Pitman is highly experienced in treating all types of dental problems and will take every step necessary to save your tooth in need. With an established reputation for providing exceptional quality care, the dentists at Dental Arts Group, invite patients to their Pitman dental office to receive treatment for their urgent dental needs. To schedule your next visit, call today!


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