Dental Trivia – How Many of These Questions Can You Answer Correctly?

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  1. Is a small amount of bleeding while brushing and flossing considered normal? YES or NO
  2. Sugarless gum can help teeth healthy. TRUE or FALSE
  3. Do I really need to floss? YES or NO
  4. How often should you replace your old toothbrush with a new one?
    1. Every month
    2. Every 2-3 months
    3. Every 6 months
    4. Once per year
  5. At what age should a child first see the dentist?
    1. 5 years old
    2. 3 years old
    3. 1 years old
    4. 2 years old


  1. No, a small amount of bleeding while brushing is not considered normal. It is a sign that your gums are inflamed and there is plaque buildup along your gum line. If you currently use a toothbrush with hard bristles, consider using one with softer ones, because they will lessen gum irritation.
  2. True, sugarless gum helps to produce more saliva and lowers the risk of halitosis. Chewing gum after eating can also help reduce the risk of tooth decay.
  3. Yes, you really need to floss! If you’re not flossing and just brushing, you are only cleaning 35% of the teeth’s surfaces. By not flossing, you are also greatly increasing your chances of future gum disease.
  4. 3) 1 years old. (As a rule of thumb, by the age of 6 months, a child’s first tooth will appear.) The child’s first visit with a dentist involves educating the parent about appropriate oral hygiene, like: cavity protection, familiarizing the child with the dentist, regular scheduling of dental check-ups, & to address teething.
  5. 2) Every 2-3 months. After 3 months, a toothbrush’s bristles lose their efficacy to remove plaque from teeth and gums. It is also recommended to replace your toothbrush after being sick with either a cold or the flu. The bacteria from these viruses can hide/remain in the toothbrush’s bristles, which can lead to re-infection later on.