Crunch Down On This! Reasons Why NOT to Chew Ice.

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We all know the scenario–you’re drinking a beverage of some sort, whether it be soda, water, iced tea–and a piece of ice trickles into your mouth. You begin crunching down, thinking nothing of it.

For some individuals chewing ice can be habitual and second nature. However, even though it is habitual, it’s not one you want to become accustomed to, as it can consequently wear down your teeth’s enamel! The combination of worn enamel and constant crunching down of ice can potentially result in chipped and/or broken teeth.

Often times, chewing ice can be caused by iron deficiency, or more commonly known as anemia. There are signs and symptoms that present with anemia, like:

  • An increased risk for periodontitis
  • Abnormally pale tissue in your mouth to a decreased number of red blood cells
  • Inflammation of the tongue, called glossitis. The tongue may appear swollen, smooth, pale, feel sore and tender. (Greenfield, “Oral Health Library”)

If you find these signs and symptoms are affecting you, consider letting one of our dentists know. Here at Dental Arts Group, we want to provide you with the best treatment possible in an honest, and compassionate environment, so please let us know how we can best serve you!

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